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A Brief History of Eau de Cologne

Ministry of Fragrance’s line, created using an eau de cologne concept, is based on the Victorian practice of changing one’s fragrance with one’s clothing…sometimes up to six times a day.

In the 1700s, Eau de Cologne was employed as an “aqua mirabilis” or healing remedy for a variety of health-related complaints. But that particular application of the waters ended in 1810, when Napoleon Bonaparte issued a decree demanding the secret recipes for all medications be revealed.

Not willing to accept the decree, Eau de Cologne manufacturers spun the product a new ‘image’ and offered it instead as a ‘toilette water’ for external use, thereby circumventing the requirement to reveal the recipe. One of the primary companies making this shift is still in business today: 4711 Genuine Eau de Cologne, and is still  made in Cologne, Germany (visit Consisting of herb and citrus oils, the fragrances were refreshing and uplifting, a property all of these ‘Eau de Colognes’ carry.

Another eau de cologne called ‘Hungary Water’ had similar notes and also contained rosemary and mint oils. The original Murray and Lanman ‘Florida Water Cologne’ came into being after 4711, and distinguished itself by the addition of spice notes. It is also still available, now manufactured and distributed by Lanman and Kemp. Visit

The Ministry Of Fragrance’s “Florida Waters” line is a tribute to these eau de colognes, and a separate fragrance is built around each of the citrus, herb, and spice notes:

Key Lime Zing is a zesty citrus, and Ministry of Fragrance is unique in this aspect—no one else in the industry uses key lime oil in fragrances.

Ocean Lavender highlights the herb note using the briskest lavender from a French High-Altitude stock, and also adds a breezy ocean note to the blend. 

Southern Spice blends spices with green notes so the fragrance remains fresh but stimulating and appropriate to wear in a warm weather environment like Florida. These fragrances are designed to last only a short while, and can be applied often without fear of being too strong.

Sasha said “I wanted the bottles, no matter what was in them, to look beautiful just sitting on a counter or bureau.” As a result, this line is packaged in bottles that have the colorful look of artisan-stained glass. In each design are elements of the fragrance, as well as water elements to celebrate Florida.


The Florida Waters line:

Florida Waters - a line of 3 fragances built around the concept of Eau de Cologne

  • Key Lime Zing
  • Ocean Lavender
  • Southern Spice

Eau de Cologne - 4 oz Spray/Splash Bottle

Shower Gel - 8 oz Bottle

Scented Glitter Cooling Gel - 2 oz Jar


For Scenting Your Home:

Aromatic Room Diffuser - 12 oz Bottle, with reeds

Simmering Oil - 1 oz with Lightbulb Ring

Liquid Hand Soap - 8 oz Bottle

Ambiance Room and Linen Spray - 4 oz Spray


For Cleaning Your Home:

Vacuuming Carpet Powder - 8 oz Shaker Container

Dishwashing Soap - 16 oz Bottle

Key Lime Zing Eau de Cologne
Key Lime Zing Eau de Cologne
Reed Diffusers in Key Lime Zing, Ocean Lavender, and Southern Spice
Reed Diffusers in Key Lime Zing, Ocean Lavender, and Southern Spice
Ocean Lavender Vacuuming Powder
Ocean Lavender Vacuuming Powder