"Elegance is not possible without fragrance."

--Coco Chanel



Consulting Services

We offer 6 levels of fragrance consulting services:

Bewildered by the choices at the seemingly endless counters? Looking for a "lost love"? Have allergies, yet still want to find a fragrance to wear? We have the answers to all of these questions, and more. We can take you on a tour of the counter(s) of your choice, or help you find a fragrance from your past. All of these services are risk-free, for if we cannot help you find a fabulous fragrance, or you are unsatisfied with our efforts, your money will be unconditionally refunded to you.

Unconditional return guarantees: Fragrance is such a personal entity, and it is difficult to argue taste, applicability, or preferences. For these reasons, plus my own experience as an average customer in dealing with the retail world, I offer you the following: If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, your money will be refunded to you—it IS that simple.

1) E-mail-based consulting service: Download my personally-developed questionnaire (in Word format), and e-mail your responses to me at questionnaire@MinistryOfFragrance.com
. Based on your answers, I will respond with about 5-6 fragrance suggestions for you to try at the fragrance counters in your area.

Why this service?

  • Most salespeople do not have the fragrance experience I have gained over 20+ years of buying, wearing, and selling fragrance; I am familiar with more than 750 women’s fragrance alone (because I have most of them!)
  • Most salespeople know only the lines offered at that store; I have experienced virtually ALL of the fine fragrance products on the market
  • I am not motivated by any particular company; I do not work for any fragrance line (except my own, now available! For more information, see below) and NO company endorses me or pays me if I suggest an item from their line
  • Salespeople can be too busy, too unfamiliar, or too inexperienced to help you tailor your personal needs
  • I have no pressure to make sales
  • I am a Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist (CFSS), conferred by the Fragrance Foundation after proof of experience and a rigorous exam. Currently there are only about 2400 of us in the US.
  • I think it's a terrific way for you to "ease" into fragrance buying, if you have not felt you had enough information to do so before. You can approach the fragrance counter with confidence, and actually look forward to the sampling experience!

This service is FREE.


2) Telephonic fragrance consultation

Can’t find anything "new" or different? Just prefer talking to a real person about your fragrance quests? Can’t find a fragrance that lasts on you, or reflects your unique personality enough to suit you? Looking for a "lost love", but can’t remember a key piece of information, like the name? Have allergies, yet still want to find a fragrance to wear? We have the answers to all of these questions, and more. Arrange some telephonic one-on-one consulting time, and our Expert will help you find one or more fabulous fragrances! No matter how many fragrances we discuss during the call, final suggestions will be e-mailed within a few hours (and/or snail-mailed, if you prefer). We use this method so we can spell the names of the fragrances correctly, and offer any additional information we may find. As an added value, save time and fill out my personally-developed questionnaire so I can have any idea of your background before we begin.

This service is $15 per 15 minutes.


3) Local fragrance consulting around the fragrance counter(s) of your choice

Bewildered by the choices at the seemingly endless counters? Want to find something wonderful for someone who is difficult to buy for? I will meet you at the fragrance counter(s) of you choice, and guide you around the counters experiencing different fragrances until we find the perfect one(s)! Then I can help you further by explaining the types of products offered, and which may be most appropriate for the use you have envisioned. As added value, save time and fill out my personally-developed questionnaire so I can have any idea of your needs before we begin. E-mail it to me, or bring it with you.

Currently this service is offered only in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding environs.

This service is $25 an hour, minimum 2 hours (one for travel time);any additional time will be happily pro-rated.


4) The all-day New York trip

Want to do something really unusual and fun? Are you a fragrance buff, familiar with all of the fragrances in your local stores, and still looking for something new? As you may or may not know, New York is the fragrance capital of the US. Fragrances arriving from Europe and Asia usually debut in New York first. Some fragrance lines are ONLY in New York, and only at *one* store at that! For example, Frederic Malle’s boutique, the only one in the US, is at Barneys.

We have created 2 all-day fragrance-filled trips around New York, with *lots* of extras, including lunch. The Counter Extravaganza hits those counters with unique lines—nary a typical perfume in sight! The Boutique Experience zips us around New York experiencing fragrances that have their own boutiques, or are co-located in boutiques, guaranteeing a unique experience. Generally these trips are scheduled for a Saturday, once a month. Small groups ensure you receive the most personalized service possible!

Both the Counter Extravaganza and the Boutique Experience trips are $550 for the day and include a 15-minute pre-trip telephonic consultation, transportation from the hotel to the counters/boutiques, lunch, and return to the hotel(s). E-mail us for a typical itinerary, and more detailed information. Alternatively, you can join the events hosted by Sniffapalooza. See www.sniffapalooza.net for more information. I have been on these trips, and they are fantastic!

5) Custom Consulting

Want a fragrance created only for you? Have a unique fragrance need? If it involves fragrance, we are happy to help! 

Custom consulting for a personal fragrance is $400. This includes:

  • Initial consultation of 1-2 hours and follow-up consulting as required;
  • Delivery of fragrance samples for approval and acceptance;
  • An additional 2 formula adjustments per fragrance;
  • The final formula, resulting in 1 ounce of perfume, to be used as you wish. For example, you may want only 1/4 ounce of perfume, and I will use the remaining amount to make, for example, an Eau De Toilette, Shower Gel, Linen Spray, Laundry Detergent, etc, or whatever forms of the fragrance you wish!
  • A deposit of 20% will be requested initially; the balance will be due upon acceptance by the customer of the fragrance creation;
  • Fragrance to be named by the customer;
  • Each resulting fragrance creation will be the sole property of the customer for 5 years unless a different timeline is agreed upon.
  • Each fragrance formula will remain proprietary and the property of the Ministry of Fragrance, while the customer has unlimited use of the resulting formula. Releasing the formula constitutes sale of it, and can be arranged under a separate contract;
  • Any additional products made after the initial one can be contracted separately;

      Contact us for more information about these tailored services!

6) Training for fragrance sales associates

As a professional speaker and trainer, I will tailor a training program for your store's needs. Currently I offer 2 programs: Introduction to Fragrance and Selling Techniques and Advanced Fragrance Concepts. Both courses come with a training workbook. For more information on training, see the "Speaking and Training" page here on the web site.






    Ministry of Fragrance’s own line of fragrance products are here, so visit our online Gift Shop to see and learn more about them!