Welcome! Our Fragrance Ambassador welcomes you to the Ministry Of Fragrance! Here you will find we revel in all things fragrant! Learn more about fragrance, peruse through the monthly column, ask our Fragrance Ambassador to speak at your next meeting for an interesting and knowledgeable journey in fragrance, join us for a trip to New York for the ultimate fragrance shopping experience, ask questions though our e-mail service, sign up for classes to learn more in depth...just enjoy your journey through the Ministry Of Fragrance! So…what are you wearing today?SM

Our Fragrance Mission

  • Create fabulous fragrances and ancillary products of wonderful quality
  • Provide forums for fragrance enrichment in all aspects of our lives
  • Use natural ingredients where possible
  • Never any animal testing
  • Speak to groups about fragrance, providing education and appreciation for all thing fragrant
  • Train those in fragrance sales so they can enhance their customers' experience
  • Be aware of trends, yet not afraid to work outside of them, or even set them
  • Add value to the fragrance industry
  • Fill the niches of the "wouldn’t-it-be-great-if–they-made. . ." thoughts


Our Values

  • Fragrance is intensely personal--Respect everyone’s feelings about fragrance
  • Fragrance is intensely personal(2)--Anything is returnable for any reason any time
  • Treat the customer the way I’d like to be treated
  • Admit when mistakes are made, then correct them
  • Be open about ingredients and blending methods--There’s room for both originality and sharing. (Just because I use Monet's paints doesn’t mean I can paint a Monet!)
  • Offer unexpected added value whenever and wherever possible
  • Always be willing to teach AND learn
  • Give back to the community in some way each year and trust the universal principle of giving
  • Revel in all things fragrant

About Our Name

The company's name is a kind of double entendre and a whimsical play on words. "Ministry" is the European version of "Department"; it's also what Sasha considers her special calling when it comes to fragrances.
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Ministry of Fragrance


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NOTE: We are finishing school, and thus are now limiting fragrance lab activity until after summer 2017. If you would like more information about our services and products, or would like to place an order, please call for more information on our availability!

About the founder
Shelley (Sasha) Bard has been a fragrance model for over 15 years. She is also a Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist (CFSS), conveyed by the Fragrance Foundation. She's a founding member of the Annette Green Museum at the Fragrance Foundation, the first fragrance museum in the United States, originally located in New York. She passionately loves all things fragrant and adores helping people find fragrant things for themselves. She continues to study perfumery, and has moved to the Orlando, Florida area, where she plans to re-open her fragrance lab in late 2017. Sasha is also a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant on fragrance.