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Please look around and let us know if we can help you in any way...Here you'll find our own line of fragrances, and unique fragrance-related accessories such as greeting cards with a perfume theme.

For all of our products, there is never any animal testing here at the Ministry of Fragrance. We are also proud that all of our cleaning products contain no phosphates and are biodegradable. If you have any suggestions for other uses of our products, we would love to hear from you. We hope you enjoy our products!

NOTE: Since we are active mostly in the summer months now, we no longer have the ability to accept credit cards, but please note that we will happily accept checks or money orders.

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Couture Fragrances

Malachite EDP and Body Creme Souffle with duponi silk bag

Malachite Eau De Parfum (EDP). To add this to your shopping cart, click here.

Malachite Body Creme Souffle. To add this to your shopping cart, click here.

Red Jasper EDP and Body Creme Souffle

Red Jasper Eau De Parfum (EDP). To add this item to your shopping cart, click here.

Red Jasper Body Creme Souffle. To add this item to your shopping cart, click here.



Fragrance for you - The Florida Waters Line

A Brief History of Eau de Cologne

Ministry of Fragrance’s line, created using an eau de cologne concept, is based on the Victorian practice of changing one’s fragrance with one’s clothing…sometimes up to six times a day.

In the 1700s, Eau de Cologne was employed as an “aqua mirabilis” or healing remedy for a variety of health-related complaints. But that particular application of the waters ended in 1810, when Napoleon Bonaparte issued a decree demanding the secret recipes for all medications be revealed.

Not willing to accept the decree, Eau de Cologne manufacturers spun the product a new ‘image’ and offered it instead as a ‘toilette water’ for external use, thereby circumventing the requirement to reveal the recipe. One of the initial companies who made this shift is still in business today: 4711 Genuine Eau de Cologne, located in Cologne, Germany (visit their site at

Consisting of herb and citrus oils, the fragrances were refreshing and uplifting, a property all of these ‘Eau de Colognes’ share.

Another eau de cologne called ‘Hungary Water’ had similar notes and also contained rosemary and mint oils. The original Murray and Lanman ‘Florida Water Cologne’ came into being after 4711, and distinguished itself with the addition of spice notes. It is also still available, now manufactured and distributed by Lanman and Kemp. (Visit


Our Eau de Cologne

Key Lime Zing Eau de Cologne
Ocean Lavender Eau de Cologne
Southern Spice Eau de Cologne

About Our Fragrances

The Ministry Of Fragrance’s ‘Florida Waters’ line is a tribute to these eau de colognes (see History section above), with a separate fragrance built around each of the citrus, herb, and spice notes:

Key Lime Zing is a zesty citrus, and Ministry of Fragrance is unique in this aspect—no one else in the industry uses key lime oil in fragrances!  

Ocean Lavender highlights the herb note using the briskest lavender from a rare, French, high-altitude stock, and adds a breezy ocean note to the blend.

Southern Spice blends spices with green notes, so the fragrance remains fresh but stimulating, and appropriate to wear in a warm weather environment like Florida.

These fragrances are designed to last only a short while, and can be applied often, without fear of being too strong. This is especially appreciated in the workplace. 

Also, the packaging and the scents appeal to men as well as women.  Perfumer Sasha explains, ‘I wanted the bottles, no matter what was in them, to look beautiful just sitting on a counter or bureau.’ As a result, this line is packaged in bottles that have the colorful look of artisan-stained glass. In each design are ingredients of the fragrance, as well as water elements to celebrate Florida.

Last, but certainly not least, Ministry of Fragrance ensures that no animal testing is done with any of its products.

Eau de Cologne Lavish Spray/Splash (4 oz) $55.50

 This generous 4 ounce bottle allows you to spray or splash lavishly! (When using the bottle as a splash, twist the sprayer top until it closes tightly, or else the cologne may evaporate.)

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Key Lime Zing Shower Gel/Hand Soap
Ocean Lavender Shower Gel/Hand Soap
Southern Spice Shower Gel/Hand Soap

Shower Gel (8 oz) $20.50

Enjoy your shower more with your favorite Florida Waters scent. Wet a nylon “puff”, squeeze some shower gel onto it to produce lots of bubbles, then enjoy as it cleanses and exfoliates your skin!

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Florida Waters Sampler/Hospitality Set - $10.00

A thoughtful hostess or housewarming gift as well as a terrific way to sample each of the Florida Waters colognes and shower gels.

Each set includes: 2 ml spray each of Key Lime Zing, Ocean Lavender and Southern Spice Eau de Colognes and 1 oz each of Key Lime Zing, Ocean Lavender and Southern Spice Shower Gels. All wrapped as shown, or as you request.

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Florida Waters Sampler Set

Fragrance for your home

12 Oz Aromatic Reed Diffusers - $39.99

Reed Diffusers are dramatic and elegant, gently diffusing fragrance around the clock. As a fabulous bonus, they last for months, equivalent to 2 or 3 amounts of other typical air fragrance methods like candles and potpourri. Furthermore, reed diffusers are terrific alternatives to candles since there is no flame and no heat needed, making them safe for classrooms, offices, conference rooms, nursing homes, homes, and dorm rooms.

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Reed Diffusers Key Lime Zing, Ocean Lavender, and Southern Spice
Key Lime Zing Simmering Oil

Simmering Oil (1 oz) $12.50

Simmer in water on the stove or use in a diffuser to release the wonderful scent. It also comes with a light bulb ring, so you can use the heat of a bulb to diffuse fragrance throughout your home!

Simmering Oil (with light bulb ring):  This scented oil is very versatile. It is a highly concentrated fragrance and will perfume your home efficiently. Note: this oil is not to be worn on the skin.

To use as a simmering oil: Fill a small saucepan about half full of water and place on the stove. Turn the burner setting to simmer. Place several drops of the simmering oil into the water using the dropper cap. As the water heats, the mixture will evaporate, perfuming your home for hours while doing so. This method also puts moisture into the air, adding comfort during the dryer seasons of Fall and Winter. Note: once you use a fragrance oil in a pan, you should never use it again for food—keep this pan only for fragrance simmering.

  • To use with the light bulb ring: With the light turned off, place the ring so the shallow trough faces towards the ceiling. Carefully place several drops of simmering oil into the well using the dropper cap. As the light bulb heats, the oil will evaporate, perfuming your home for hours while doing so. (If any oil spills on the bulb, wipe it off immediately while the lamp is turned off.)
  • To use in a diffuser with a tea light: fill the diffuser’s well with water almost to the top. Place a few drops of simmering oil in the water, and light the tea light. As the water heats, the mixture will evaporate, perfuming your home for hours while doing so. Ensure the mixture in the well does not go dry before the tea light goes out. As with any lit flame, extinguish it before leaving the room.

Caution: Store Simmering Oil bottle upright—if oil comes in contact with the rubber bulb, it may deteriorate and leak. Oil spilled on varnished or painted surfaces, as well as some plastics, may cause damage; wipe any spilled oil immediately from such surfaces. Also, avoid contact with skin or eyes.

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Ocean Lavender Simmering Oil
Southern Spice Simmering Oil
Key Lime Zing Ambiance/Linen Spray
Ocean Lavender Ambiance/Linen Spray
Southern Spice Ambiance/Linen Spray

Ambiance Room and Linen Spray            (4 oz) $10.50

This spray can be used in a variety of ways: Enjoy it as an air freshener to delicately mist the air throughout a room;

Spray it on bed linen just before bed for a light scent and an accompanying cooling effect;

  • Spray it lightly on your clothes while ironing (made with distilled water, this solution could go into your iron’s steam well, but because of the essential oils used in blending the fragrances, it is better to spray the clothes directly)

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For cleaning your home
Key Lime Zing Dish Soap
Ocean Lavender Dish Soap
Southern Spice Dish Soap

Dish Soap (16 oz) $10.50

Doing the dishes is a little more fresh and fun the Ministry of Fragrance way! Our dish soap is compatible with food scents and contains no phosphates. Our generous size allows you to pour onto a sponge or directly into the water flow to produce cleansing bubbles that rinse away thoroughly.

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Key Lime Zing Vacuuming Carpet Powder
Ocean Lavender Vacuuming Carpet Powder
Southern Spice Vacuuming Carpet Powder

Vacuuming Carpet Powder

(8 oz) $10.50

Sprinkle lightly but thoroughly throughout a carpeted area. Relax and have a cup of tea…while you are doing so, the carpet odors are being absorbed, freshening the room, so give the powder time to work. Then, vacuum the carpet as usual—you’ll also be freshening the air with your favorite Florida Waters scent! Note: Before using, test a small hidden area of the carpet for color-fastness.

Other uses: Sprinkle in hampers and laundry baskets to ban musty orders. Sprinkle in trash cans to absorb orders and keep containers smelling fresher.

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Fragrance-related Accessories

About our Custom-blending Services

Imagine having a fragrance created just for you, or, as an unforgettable gift for a wedding or special occasion. If it involves fragrance, we are happy to help! 

Custom consulting for a personal fragrance begins at $400, resulting in 1 ounce of perfume, to be used as you wish. This price includes an initial consultation, the time required to create samples, 2 additional formula adjustments, and any items you wish to have fragranced. For example, you may want only 1/4 ounce of perfume, so Sasha will use the remaining amount to make an Eau De Toilette, Shower Gel, Linen Spray, Laundry Detergent, Tile Floor Cleanser, etc, or whatever forms of the fragrance you wish! For this fabulous process, all we need is a 20% deposit to begin!

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Scented Greeting Cards (and Unscented)

Frustrated by not being able to find fragrance-related cards as stationery? We were too, so we tracked down the artist whose hard-to-find perfume designs we admired, and licensed 12 of them from Paula Scaletta.

Each 5x7" card comes with a matching envelope scented in Gardenia Gardens©, a Gardenia-based fragrance created by Sasha, Ministry Of Fragrance's perfumer, and wrapped in a cellophane envelope to protect the cream-colored card and keep the fragrance vibrant.

These cards, illustrated below, are available individually either scented or unscented, and come in sets of 6 as well. The sets are available in 2 styles: Victorian and Modern, both scented and unscented. Scented sets have a great bonus--they come with a 1/8 oz refillable spray of our Gardenia Gardens scent for so you can reapply our gorgeous scent before mailing. This spray has the added bonus of being able to be worn as a fragrance!

To add a scented greeting card to your shopping cart ($3.95), click here.

To add an unscented greeting card to your shopping cart ($3.50), click here.

To add a scented greeting card set to your shopping cart ($24.50), click here.

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Classic Set in Ivory Lace Envelope
Classic Set in Ivory Lace Envelope
Classic Cards
Classic Cards
Victorian Card Set in Ivory Lace Envelope
Victorian Card Set in Ivory Lace Envelope
Victorian Cards
Florida Water-Green
Eau De Toilette - Seafoam
Eau De Toilette - Cream
Cologne - Lilac
La Belle Femme - Pink
Les Parfums - Blue
Parfumerie (Galeries St Martin)
Parfumerie - Violette Flor
Parfumerie - Paris
Lady with Fan
Florida Water - Angels
Hoyt's German Cologne

Truly Stunning!

24k gold-plated solid Crystal Purse perfume bottles

Petite: holds 1/8 oz ($149.00)

Large: holds 1/4 oz ($249.00)

Encased in a beautiful presentation coffret

The threaded stopper also has a rubber gasket to create a perfect seal--fragrance doesn't evaporate!


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